How Divorce Cases are Increasing?

Nowadays divorce cases are occurring due to bad character, bad behavior, bad family background, inspiration from other bad friends, from bad social media, from bad television channels, from bad cinema, and from hearing old bad stories. For example, Infamous short story "necklace" Jim and Della are married and after 5 years, for their wedding anniversary, Jim wants to buy a favorite costly comb for Della for her long beautiful hair. He did not have much amount for purchase that comb. So, he sold his case cut of his watch on the same side Della also wants to purchase a new platinum war for Jim's watch.she also not have much, she sold her long beautiful hair for wig and she purchases platinum war for her husband.on the same wedding anniversary Jim and Della brought their gift to the stage but both of them is useless Jim's comb is not used for Della and Della's platinum war is not used for Jim.


The moral of the short story is "Too much of anything is fit for nothing". Over fighting and over love and relationship between non- married couples and adults love, over a bad relationship is not good for family and for our culture, Most of the divorce cases are occurring due to non-understanding between husband and wife, not caring of children's health, family health and wealth also. In most of the divorce cases, husband and wife are non-understanding, not caring about their kids. Due to divorce, kid's studies, health, and psychology are affected. So, all humans must give respect and care to family and culture. If fall is giving respect and care to family and culture divorce cases will not occur. One's character is a judge in society by their discipline, conduct, relationship, friends, business, and job. One's behavior is a judge in society by their relationship with husband or wife identifying whether he/she is an alcohol addict or not, smoking or not, drug addict or not, a cinema addict or not, a fighting addict. One's family background is a judge in society by their relationship with others, for example, if identified mini camera, drugs, alcohol bottles, other family members like stepmother, stepfather, identification of the bad relationship between an unmarried couple.




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