John Cena to be joining Fast and Furious

The WWE sensation John Cena has tweeted to be joining the Fast and Furious series. He'll be joining the ninth part of the most famed and liked film series


Fast and Furious has been admired and loved by audiences of all ages since twenty long years now. Its popularity is so much hyped that the series is now releasing its ninth part. Also, after the unfortunate demise of its lead actor Paul Walker, the audiences now have an emotional connect to the movie. 


Now, it has been reported that the most loved WWE player, John Cena who has now turned into an actor is joining the movie franchise as well. John Cena did his film debut in 2006 with  The Marine. This is not the first time that a WWE player is joining Fast and Furious. Before Cena, Dwayne Jhonson( The Rock) has impressed the world with his acting in the franchise as well.


“For nearly 20 years, the Fast Franchise has entertained fans and created some of the biggest cinematic moments in history. It’s an incredible honour to join this franchise and this family,” he wrote.


It has not yet revealed that which role Cena will be playing but it has been specified that he'll be acting opposite Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez. The ninth part of the franchise will be releasing in 2020. The entry of Cena will surely fetch Cena fans towards the movie.



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