Does True Love Exist ? May be, But in Parallel World...

'Love exists but in parallel world'; You might be wondering why its existence is in a parallel world?

True love happens once, but it's the real feelings that can be felt. To realize, what's true love, we need to stop overthinking. Overthinking kills our soul & raises a thing called "EGO". One's it has started to grow, then your life will take a turning point towards hell. The person whom you love will get detached from you & you'll turn an introvert.



As if, you've got a best friend which is a girl, please never ever feel anything for her until and unless you know that she also feels the same for you. Always pay her respect only as a friend not more than that. Because once you start feeling something special for her, you're ruined. It may affect your friendship, your emotions & even more worst than that. So, don't get involved deeply with anyone. Treat all people as a friend not more than that. Focus on your goals only, run for success & money; then automatically life will taste different. You're going to receive the real essence of love at that moment when you've built an empire. 



Friends are always there for you, they'll help you in every aspect. They've got a different perspective, they confess everything keeping every little thing in their mind just to be mutual in every field. But also remember, do not keep any expectations from anyone & also they feel so. So before paying extra respect or feel something different, please control your emotions & stop doing that further.

You just have to do 3 things to keep yourself happy-

1. Never care for anyone

2. Never expect anything from anyone

3. Never depend on anyone

Just 3 things & you'll have the best gift i.e, ' THE ESSENCE OF LIFE ' which tends to the ' THE ESSENCE OF LOVE '. So, stop overthinking & enjoy this beautiful life.






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