Growing up, Insecurity and Motivation

Growing up from childhood to adolescence can be compared to the growing up of nature's most delightful plants to Bloom to maturity. The quality of the flower in which Blossoms depend upon the strength of the root and the nourishment and care it has received over the years. This is followed by a time for facing the changing seasons of real-life and for standing on its own. A time comes, when disintegration sets in, but if the roots are firmly established the disintegration is followed by Reintegration.


When the time of maturity approaches, Bloom will then appear in all its beauty. The second change is the feeling of basic insecurity. The interface of this basic in security boys reacts to some words differently from girls. Boys try to hide their insecurity by being aggressive and trying to oppose others. The girls, on the other hand, become timid and mistrustful, withdrawing into the protective shells. They both like to appear self-sufficient and are annoyed when disturbed. The young person should be made to feel that no matter what the problem maybe he or she will always find a listener and understanding help in someone.


Another critical change that occurs between the years of childhood and adulthood is the level of motivation. The person does things because it is told to do so the adult does them after knowing what is right and what is wrong and out of personal choice. the stage of adolescence in which the person passes into adulthood requires a reasoned approach by those in authority as 2 to what must be done and why what is right and what is wrong.





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