Want a get graduate? Then plant atleast 10 trees, orders Philippines


Yes you read right if you want to graduate from school or college then you have to plant minimum 10 trees. Till now graduation was all about completing the degree and throwing the hat in the air, but this is not the case in Philippines. Students here has to also do one more easy task i.e plant atleast 10 trees. Gary Alejana said " Every year, the Philippines has over 12 million students graduating from school, nearly five million students graduating from high school, and almost 500,000 graduating from college." 


Hence each year atleast 175 millions and 525 billions trees in one generation would be planted if all the students follow this law. The government of Philippines also says that suitable plant will be planted according to the climate, location and topography of area. Why there is need for planting so much trees in Philippines? As many different countries are facing lack of trees even Philippines is one of them which face deforestation. Almost from 70% of tree the percent decreased to 20% in 20th century. The lack of tree will lead to increase in risk of happening the floods and even plays a important role in the change of climate. Due to this law even the future generations will know the value of how trees play a crucial role and even they will follow the same. Don't you think we Indians should also think for this law as we people are working so hard for #SwatchBharatAbhiyaan even this one law should be added so that we can make our country free of pollution.

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