Authorities send back the Pilot who is on his way to pick up the Bangladesh PM citing to missing Passport of the Pilot

The airline is now reverting to another pilot for bringing back the Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina back to the homeland from Finland. The Pilot entry was denied by the Qatar authorities. He was representing the Biman Bangladesh Airlines




According to the sources, the pilot who flew to bring back the Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina after the three-nation visit on Finland, but the Biman Airline pilot was caught off without his passport leading to his denied entry in Qatar.


On Thursday, the Pilot Captain Fazal Mahmud of Biman Bangladesh Airlines was refused arrival at the Doha International Airport in Qatar after it is found he was travelling without a password.


The flag carrier sent the passport of the pilot in another flight to Qatar later, Civil Aviation Secretary Mohibul Haque told


The Bangladesh airline is now dispatching another pilot to bring back the Hasina, he further added.


The PM was in the nation to complete a tri-nation visit earlier visited Japan and Saud Arabi and was on course to return to home on Saturday.


Fazal was flying a Boeing 787 Dreamliner to Qatar. He leaves Dhaka on Wednesday night but on his arrival at the immigration point in Qatar issue of passport comes up and soon he has to leave the place without having the PM Hasina.


Asaduzzaman Khan the home ministry of Bangladesh has said the appropriate action will be taken against the pilot after a proper investigation will take place into the incident.

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