CCD owner found dead

36 hours after the mysterious disappearance of V.G.Siddhartha, owner of CCD was found dead on Wednesday. Wednesday morning fishermen found a dead body in the backwaters of Netravati river at Hoige Bazar, which happens to be of CCD owner. The dead body was found at around 6.30 a.m. by fishermen who were tidying their boat for the day's fishing trip. The body was then sent to Wenlock government hospital for post-mortem.



The reports from the doctors are yet to be declared by the authorities. On Monday, Mr. Siddhartha first went missing. Early on Tuesday, a search operation was also launched near Mangalore. On Monday he told his driver that he is going for a walk from which he never returned. Speculation is been assumed that he threw himself off a bridge on the Nethravati river, hence committing suicide.


Mr. Siddhartha's family members are insisting on performing the final cremation at his family estate in Mudigere taluk. The body will be handed to the family after being released from the hospital after post-mortem. The police said that the body of Siddhartha is surprisingly in good condition when considering it has been underwater for 36 hours. The police will continue with further investigation after getting the post-mortem report.


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