India Stands Next to America in the Race of COVID-19 Patients

Coronavirus day to day news every next minute or hour. Due to COVID-19 whole world has shut down, in order to control the frightening situation. This virus has still not lost its pace and is continuing to spread constantly, affecting millions of people around the world. Talking about India, 68 days of lockdown in five different phases had saved community spread amongst 1.3 billion people of the country. In the initial phase number of patients was about 500 but the present scenario is way scary and calls for severe prevention from COVID-19. After America now India has a maximum number of serious patients. Talking about total corona affected patients, India is in the fifth position globally but when talking about patients who are severely affected by this virus, India stands second after America.


In total America has 16,923 serious COVID-19 patients, where India stands with 8,944 people who are severely affected by this virus. Talking about countries like Brazil and Russia where the number of patients is considerably more than India, but still, the severe corona affected patients are very less in number than it is now in India. Brazil has about three times more affected corona patients than in India where Brazil has only 8,318 serious patients. Talking about Russia they have two times more corona affected people than India, still count of serious patients is one fourth as of India. Health minister has said previously that India has then 5% serious patients, who were to put on ventilators for the medication of this 5 % only 2.25 % were to be kept in ICU and 1.91% were kept on ventilators with oxygen.





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