Second Cyclone Hits MOZAMBIQUE

A tropical cyclone tore through Mozambique on Friday, triggering mass floods and leaving immense destruction in its wake. More than 200 deaths have been attributed to the storm so far. Amid flattened and submerged buildings, aid workers struggle to reach the stranded in a country where nearly half the population is under age 15. Meanwhile, electricity is out nearly everywhere. 


The Government of MOZAMBIQUE has urged people to seek higher ground as cyclone kenneth rips through Pemba City and the Macomia District(left).More heavy rain is expected to hit the country in the next few days which could cause mudslides and flooding.The extreme wheather conditions would put the lives of 700,000 people at risk and five people have already been killed following Saturday's storm. 


Shops and Homes have already been destroyed (top right) in the village of Nacate,South Macomia,Cabo Delgado province. This is while others in the same area had to pick up the remaining pieces left of their homes(bottom right).

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