Sri Lanka: 15 bodies found after overnight raid by troops; four suspected IS gunmen killed

Nearly a week after a series of blasts ripped through the island nation, Sri Lankan security forces killed four suspected Islamic State gunmen during an overnight raid, news agency Reuters reported. A civilian was also killed in the crossfire. The officials also discovered bodies of 15 people, including six children, during cleaning operations.


The gun battle near Sainthamaruthu in Ampara began Friday night after police tipped off soldiers to a suspected safe house, where militants set off three explosions and opened fire, the military said. At least three others were wounded in the attack, news agency AP reported.


Jayasekara said soldiers and police wanted to wait until daylight to carry out further raids given houses being built so close together. Meanwhile, the military says security forces have recovered explosives, detonators, “suicide kits,” military uniforms and Islamic State group flags during the raids.

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