Sunil Chhetri: The Men's Footballer of the year 2019- AIFF

Sunil Chettri, the Indian football captain was recently declared as Men’s footballer of the year by All India Football Federation for being the record extender for the sixth time. The 34-old striker had earlier held the same honors for 5 times in the years 2007, 2011, 2013, 2014  and 2017. His is a remarkable story but the striker is inspired by a remarkable Indian woman. Yes, you read that right, and it is none other than legendary boxer Mary Kom. The captain said on Thursday that he draws his inspiration form Mary Kom, her life, and her struggles. He believes she is an unbelievable majestic story and the biggest source of inspiration for every Indian athlete and sports person;


He himself is the biggest fan of the lady for her remarkable journey and story.  Quoted,” I gather motivation from around me — from a lot of personalities who have done well in their respective fields. M.C. Mary Kom is one of them. She is an unbelievable story,” This is not a very hard or tough fact because in her 18 years career Mary Kom has earned so many laurels to our country. She has been an inspiring force in India who has won 6 world champions an Olympic bronze and 5 Asian championships.


This accomplishments pf her was also very efficiently quoted by Chttri and said, “She is a six-time world champion and has been a world champion after giving birth to twins, and even after being a mother of three. If she doesn’t inspire India, who else will. I am her biggest fan”. Not just her, there are two other men in Chettri’s thought who drive him out of the tough life situation. They are none other than Ronaldo and Messi.


He said,” There are two gentlemen named Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. In the last 10-11 years, they have completely dominated the world of football. If they don’t score in 2-3 matches, people start saying that ‘they are out of form’. Whenever I am stressed or tired, I always think about these guys. And it falls into place for me.”

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