Uber for Organs


A women who recevied  a kidney transplant, a 44 years old trina glispy. she is a nursing assistant from blaitmore. she started to lose hope before april 18th when she got a call saying that they have received the perfect match for her transplant. 

a custom made drone delivered a kidney recently to a maryland woman who have waited for eight years for her transplant. While it was only a short test flight — less than 3 miles in total — the team that created the drone at the University of Maryland says it was a worldwide first and a crucial step in its quest to speed up the delicate and time-sensitive task of delivering donated organs.“Had I put that in at nine hours, the patient would probably have another several years of life,” Scalea said Tuesday. “Why can’t we get that right?”

glispy who is a mother to 3 children learned that her kidney was failing in 2011 when a pateint kicked her in her kidney and her leg swelled drastically. she started her dialyais three days a week and four hours a day draining her energy.  It became hard to do the physical labor required at her job at a Veterans Affairs hospital, which she had loved. 

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So she was thrilled and relieved when she got the call, fittingly, during a dialysis session. The surgery went smoothly, and 11 days later, Glispy said she was doing well. She expressed gratitude as she recalled her worst fears during her years of treatment.

“I feel very fortunate, especially after watching so many people pass being on dialysis,” she said. “I’m seeing a lot of people die and I’m like, ‘It’s taking so long, it might not happen for me either.’”

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