Can We Control Our Dreams? | Lucid Dreaming

There are phenomenal things a mind can do. The body is primarily controlled by the brain, it sends chemical synapses to the body and so the body performs the task as commanded. Even when I am writing this piece of information, there is so much that the brain is doing just in second- thinking, rationalizing, correcting, co-ordinating, etc. Every time it is not easy to apprehend the body's reaction to any particular situation as the brain is the most complex part of our body and it works differently in different aspects. The brain can do mysterious things, it is not easy to track every possibility of our brain's capacity.


Another interesting fact about our brain is that it is also found that it can direct the dream narratives as one chooses it. It is called lucid dreaming. When we dream, our conscious center shut down, this means no matter what the dream is, we can't control them. In lucid dreaming, it changes and the brain's control center wakes up and restores a sense of self. Experienced lucid dreamers can do extraordinary things like they can fly, move to a rich landscape, meet a lost old friend, etc. In the lucid dream it seems as real as experienced in waking life, but with the freedom of being unconstrained by normal physical laws. The key is that you are able to recognize the dream as an illusion like something is happening in your dream and you remember then and there that you can control what happens. Then you can control the things around you in your dream. There are directed techniques to be a lucid dreamer.





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