How to avoid Ad Blindness ? | Top 6 Ways To Fight

Ad blindness – It is a phenomenon in which usability of website where visitors to a website consciously or unconsciously banner-like information. It is also known as banner blindness or banner noise.


 Several Ways To Fight Ad Blindness Which Increase Traffic And Cash Flow 

  1. Use relevant content – You should understand the needs of viewers and able to provide a relevant content and avoid using irrelevant content as an advertiser. An advertise delivers ads with identifying what your visitors wants by using relevant content including the keywords which reflects the interests of the primary audience. You select the right ad network and connecting with the audience to publish content which are relevant to the viewers. By using cookies to make relevant personal ads that will help the site for identifying people who have previously visited the site.
  2. Utilize Targeted Content – When designing the banner ads for the campaign then target the viewers directly.  Ensure that the ads are targeted to those viewers which you make the campaign for the products.  Remarketing is one of the most effective ways to increase CTR’s and attract users for your site thus it is difficult to ignore the banner ad by the consumers when marketing for those products that users are searching for. It is possibility that you will watch a Curology banner ad for surfing the web after visiting and clicking the website of Curology. Curology is effectively targeting their viewers which are interested for your product which is a best example of remarketing.
  3. Try non-standard sizes, colors, and ad formats – Most of the viewers watch the same thing again and again which can reduce the performance of the ads. During creating ad space, select non-traditional and memorable locations for improving user recall. By using non-standards and designs which help you avoid being ignored. You create the banner which is a part of your page not as outer ads.  With the use of unusual colors, strange ideas brand personality 3D design and animated banner ads which help in increasing interaction for your ads and not avoid by the viewers.
  4. Ad Placement – The location of the banner ad is also one of the important factors to fight ad blindness. There are several areas of the website which get different amounts of eye traffic. Some of the areas of the web page get more viewers in less engagement time.  Larger leader board banners which can perform get better than other placements due to they are the most famous on a webpage.  Thus banners are more difficult to ignore when they are front and center.
  5. Visual Treatment – Now ads can appear anywhere inside the webpage thus viewers are aware of this fact that’s why an ad does not appear at the top of the web page or in the right side which may be ignored. So they are careful for not wasting time on ads, even when the ads are appear within content areas. Inline ads are comparatively easy to ignore due to they are different from the whole page elements on desktop.


For e.g. As per recent research, there were 26 participants which were trying for learning about the dance training of Mikhail Baryshnikov ignored the ad which appeared within the text. If you want to your ad attract the viewers then the promotion of ad looked different from the text and the photos on the website. Specifically this type of ads with different look to attract the viewers by using several qualities such as small rectangular shape in the middle of the content with blue color background as compared to the white page, and the text embedded in the image.


  1. 3D Photo Ads – By using 3D technology in the banner ads is one of another way for different looking on the web page to attract large amount of viewers. Flat ads contribute to ad blindness while three-dimensional ads that are directly neutralize the problem. An interactive campaign is recently launched by Takis which allowed viewers to Takis aimed for reaching their younger viewers in a relevant way thus they convert to 3D for launching a new campaign.  Before clicking on the ad to watch the other creative the viewers may interact with the 3D photo of your banner ads.
  2. Design to Captivate – With the use of bright colors for captivating the viewers is one of the best ways to fight with ad blindness. This type of ads pay attention of users from the content on the page or website and directly towards the ad in which viewers do not read full content about the product. This type of ad keeps their attention for their ads to earn successfully with the use of ads. The messaging in ad is attractive with the use of bright color and discuss about the importance of messaging and the use of T-Mobile ads is one of the best way to combat ad blindness.  The bold pop of hot pink is automatically fascinating with the phrase of “Break Up” which is in large, block text is compelling.
  3. Follow the passion – If you want to post content and attract viewers then the best way is to make content with your great passion and keep engaged with audience.  You can write content with different topics such as about nature, technology, health, economics, apps and many more and share with the attractive photos which helps in making a strong community around it. This type of great content link with your website helps in making community which increases the viewers in your site. It provides the best form of native advertising which help in increase the viewers and also make money too.
  4. 360-degree Banner – 360 degree banner ads is one of best way for viewers to preemptively engage with a brand.  Viewers are likely to prefer or interact with creative and unique such as 360 degree video as compared with the traditional banner ads. If audience feels that they are invited to interact for passively viewing an ad then they are more possibility to engage large number of users. If banner ads are unique then it will be less possibility to ignore the ads by the viewers.
  5. Homepage Takeovers – Homepage takeovers do not follow the typical limitation of a banner ad when they are an extremely effective display ad and format. This type of ads combat ad blindness by taking over a whole webpage for conveying the intended message. These types of banners are typically used for advertising upcoming movies as they are extremely visual. The DreamWorks are converted into website takeovers in which primary promotional creative for the release of the Trolls movie. This type of brightly colored with the captivating attention of audience and proved to be effective as the movie grossed $346 million in all over the world.
  6. AR Ads – Advertisers are taking benefit of using AR technology to make AR banner ads with another for different looking. This type of ads invites the viewers for interacting by allowing them to virtually try to different experiences. Sally Hansen made an AR ad which invited consumers for sampling their different miracle with the use of gel polish colors inside the banner ads to increase CTR’s. This type of ad earned a high CTR of about 0.08 percent that shows to successful fight with ad blindness.


     Inline Ads on Mobile – Mobile users try to avoid advertisements just like as desktop users. There are several standard locations for ad placement such as               bottom of the screen, top of the blog on mobile. There are several web pages insert in ads inside the content on mobile. In the mobile, inline ads are difficult           to avoid due to several reasons:

  • There is less information in this type of ads are appear at a time thus it is difficult for identifying elements which looking different from the main blog due to it is so small content of the page is present on the website.
  • Inline ads are in mobile is so huge in proportion to the size of the screen in which viewers cannot avert their eyes from it as they swipe down. Thus an ad inherently catches several gazes even though users know it is an ad and may not  specially want to look at it.


  1. Experiment - If you ensure that their ads effectively to fight with ad blindness then you cannot afraid for ignoring their ads by the viewers. Test, test and test again to watch what type of banner ads increase the engagement with the viewers and which don’t. For e.g. if you are an automotive repair services company that you may not need an AR ad for virtual sampling. You should not afraid and try to use several techniques for watching which aligns is the best for your company. You can also try to A/B testing several kinds of ads. A popular search engine, Google does this often by launching the same features with two different types of colors or fonts for seeing that which one garners more engage with the viewers. A/B testing is one of the effective ways to see what types of working for you and what are the requirements for work to fight with ad blindness.
  2. Flash v HTML5 – You should ensure that viewers are not blind to the banners due to they cannot actually see them. It may be in the case if viewers are using smartphone for accessing the internet. If a banner ad is not made with the help of HTML5 viewers on mobile devices then it will unable to view the ad at all. It is clear that you can do these things for avoiding ad blindness without having for relying on eye tracking software or heat maps.  Viewers are trying to some of these tips to avoid ad blindness.
  3. Place ads in high traffic areas – The poor placements of ads means that your ads will get basically there is no attention by the users. Info links is an eye tracking survey which determined that several common ad placements get something just as 30 percent attention at most. Place the ads in high traffic areas is one of the best way to reduce ignorance of ads which you need to know where high traffic areas in the website. To find out the particular areas where you received the high traffic then you should check the analytics of the content in the website. When you find out the high areas then put their ads which increase the clicks by the users. This will likely to less ignorance by the viewers to beat ad blindness.


There is one reason of placing the ads in most or high traffic areas is that ads get more attention by the viewers then it will increase the clicks and earned more money.

  1. Use Fewer ads – It is one of the good techniques which is partly a good SEO and a good user experience.  If fewer ads on the website then it gets more attention and clicks by the viewers and earned more money. The main reason of fewer ads on the website due to spammers used to permeate the website. There is one ad on the web when it was viewed and click by the audience and getting more money,. Marketers or advertisers would display ads in all over the website and reached a point in which you can see sites with the use of more ads than content. If a user make content and put large amount of ads then gets less attention and clicks by the viewers which earn less money. Thus you should put fewer ads then get more attention which increases the clicks and gets more money. Google also probable to send more when you use fewer ads on your site.
  2. Use native advertising – Native advertising is that type of marketing which uses latest buzzword in ads which has been coming to the fore in the last several years mainly now that a phrase has been thinks up. This type of advertising is basically advertising which looks native. It means it looks like as a part of the website. For example, if you have a sidebar with the full of several links for other posts on your website then those posts change which is based on the reading history of user. It is expected for those displayed titles in the content to change including a title in the rotation which leads out to another website as a paid ad is native advertising. There is one thing about native advertising is that you have to be careful about the use of affiliate links. This type of links is essential to be revealed as per both Google and the government. There are other forms of paid links although are perfectly fair game.


Conclusion - In this discussion we know ad blindness is harmful for our websites which reduces the attention from the users and not get sufficient money. To ignore ad blindness we should not use huge ads as it is boring and large numbers of ads should not used in the content of the website.  We should few ads are placed where the traffic is high so it gets more attention and earn more money which ignore ad blindness.



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