Why I am not buying iPhone 11: Demerits Of the Phone


Apple, a American multinational company, has declared the latest iPhone 11Pro and iPhone 11 Pro flagship smartphones. The latest iPhone 11Pro is available at a price of $999 which comes with several updates over its predecessor. In spite of these benefits or updates, I would not to recommend buying iPhone 11 to the users due to the following reasons.

Why I am not buying iPhone 11


  • Advanced AR features – American company, Apple is working on advanced AR features for iPhone 11. Apple make this iPhone 11 for compatible with these future AR features, the iPhone has new U1 chip use for Ultra Wideband technology for spatial awareness. In next generation iPhone will coming year which will have U2 chip with more power on an AR headset. The company will launch iPhones with the AR headset in the next generation, new iPhone 11 cannot be fully compatible with all the AR features.


  • 5G support – If you are interested in buying a iPhone 11 at about $1100 with taxes then expectation for future proof. As we know network connectivity is the main feature of smartphones but the new iPhone does not have the latest 5G network support. The 5G network has just started in all over the world in next 12 months then more and more network operators providing 5G services. If you will buy iPhone 11 then   5G support will not available in iPhone 11 smartphones.


  • Lack of Pro features - The branding of Apple’s Pro for the latest new iPhones are not necessary. The series of new iPhone 11 Pro may offering camera and better battery life but there is no features which will make these new iPhones stand out from other flagship smartphones. There are several examples of several other smartphones such as the HUAWEI P30 Pro come with 50x zoom support, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series comes with stylus support.


  • No USB-C – The entire mobile industry is moving towards USB-C standard, the new iPhone 11 Pro series comes with lightning port. There is no feature of USB-C in iPhone 11. You will find the other new smartphones comes with USB-C chargers and accessories in the next coming months. If you buy iPhone 11 then always carry dongle with your smartphone all the time.


  • Big notch and outdated design: Now the latest iPhone 11 Pro series providing a huge notch with the feature of similar design as its predecessor. The design of this smartphone is outdated as compared with the other smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series, the One Plus 7 Pro, and several other flagship devices
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