Refuse To Quit!!

The successful people you know have one thing in common, they refused to quit. You see most of the time we have different reasons and steps of how one can succeed. Yes, these steps and reasons are helpful but most of the times they fail to bring us the results we want. The only way to keep moving forward even if nothing is not working as planned is by not quitting.  Most people start to do something or have ideas but they end up not pursuing them. Quitting is a very easy thing to do especially if the circumstances are not like you expected, but you have to make a decision that no matter what happens, you cannot afford to quit.


We are living in a world that is full of chaos, disappointments and unwanted forces pulling us everywhere we go. Everything is made up for you to loose and letting go of your dreams. Why do you think everybody understands if you couldn’t pursue your dreams? Everyone is used to that and that is what we are made to accept and it feels normal. On the other hand everyone is interested on the ones that are pursuing their dreams. This is because it’s a rare case and scenario.

If you want to be successful, you have to refuse to be normal, refuse to quit. Don’t be like the rest and say it’s okay if things don’t work out.

Review them make a choice not to quit until you fulfill them. Choose to surprise others and the world by pursuing them. It’s okay if everyone quits on you, but don’t ever quit on yourself.


You know the common advice that I hear when it comes to quitting is you have to become a fighter. But today I want to give you a new name, and that is, a warrior. That is because warriors fight for what they believe in. They would rather die on their feet than live on their knees.


So go and shine My Warrior!

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