Sonu Sood: The Man With Big Heart

In times of distress when few people came out to help the migrants and needy, it was Sonu Sood who proved to be a Messiah for all the ones who were in need and stress. It was the time where stranded laborers and migrants lost their homes and jobs and were anxious to reach their homes. In such times, Sonu Sood- the man with a big heart came to the ground and had put all suitable efforts to help the migrants. He arranged a number of buses to send migrants back home and not only that, but he also provided his Mumbai hotel as accommodation to frontline workers.


The actor recently helped 177 migrants stuck in Kerala to reach their homes safely. He also sent thousands of migrants to UP and Bihar through railways and then also took necessary precautions and permissions to arrange aircraft for the workers which flew them from Kochi to Bhubaneswar.


Sonu Sood, although a great actor but he never came into the league of superstars but the pandemic has proven that one becomes superstar by his/her deeds and not only by the fame and glam of work. Sonu Sood has achieved lots of praise and appreciation for his work for the needy and the poor during this pandemic. In this world, there is no great deed than helping someone selflessly, and Sonu Sood’s selfless dedication and tireless efforts for the migrants has proven that he is the king of Bollywood and a man of a big heart.


A number of people tagged him on twitter and asked him for help to which he replied to each one of them, took their details and sent them home. Also, he uploaded a face shield video on Instagram and guided people over how they can make their own face shield from file cover. His instant replies and immediate help has made him the superstar of everyone’s life. In Bollywood, there are many actors who have given their donations to extend help in such tough times but no one could reach up to the extent of care and help given by Sonu Sood. He himself went to the ground and checked overall details to unite migrants with their families in home town and provide them all the necessary help.







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